Natural Cosmetics

DELAPURA ointment

Original Natural Ointment
Multipurpose: moisturizing and soothing
Helps to soften and smooth
Relief of skin discomfort

20€ | 10€ | 55€

DELAPURA Natural Moisturizing ointment

Multipurpose ointment formulated with beeswax, sweet almond oil and 20 medicinal plants that protects and moisturizes any area of the skin, handmade and subject to the strict indications of the AEMPS.

Natural products, made according to the most ancient methods of traditional craftsmanship. Made with vegetable oil, beeswax, aromatic herbs and medicinal plants, proven for centuries.

DELAPURA Ointment is applied the old-fashioned way, by rubbing and smearing.

This ointment is an indisputable all-rounder: In a single container it concentrates the best care for body, hands and face.

A true multi-purpose cosmetic or afeite, with a hypoallergenic formula that effectively softens, soothes, moisturizes and regenerates damaged skin.

Ideal when we carry a small amount of luggage. «On these occasions we need a product that can solve several fronts: moisturize, protect from the sun, soothe the skin after an aggression or apply it as a mask and have a rescue effect»,

It is like a miracle balm with a long list of uses: it nourishes, protects, restores, soothes… and is designed to be used on different areas of the body, face, lips or hands and even conditions cuticles!

To get the maximum benefit, always apply to clean, exfoliated skin and massage in with a gentle massage».

A chafing, the constant use of detergents, aggressive sports practice, tattoos, peeling, dermatitis … there are countless situations that you can solve with a basic first aid kit and toiletry bag.

It is a balm that moisturizes, nourishes, fights the signs of aging, protects from the sun, soothes burns and chafing.

Moisturizing, anti-burns, hemorrhoids, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving ointment.

A natural, multipurpose and multipurpose ointment.

Repairing, soothing and protective.

The ointment is applied to the epidermis to facilitate good skin hydration and to benefit from its advantages.